Payment Rails + Refersion

Pay affiliates around the world directly to their bank accounts in their local currency or a PayPal Account.


  • Collect banking details and PayPal emails from Affiliates as they're logged into Refersion.
  • Seamlessly pay affiliates with the click of a button from within Refersion.
  • Digitally collect W9s and W8s from Affiliates, and issue them 1099s and 1042s and the end of the calendar year.
  • Track payments and use Payment Rails' support team to assist with payment issues.

Why Payment Rails

Payment Rails, recently named one of Canada's top 50 FinTech Startups, is a global payout solution that helps businesses pay contractors-type workers (ie. affiliates) and suppliers around the world. Unlike other payouts solutions, Payment Rails has no setup fees, no contracts, charges flat per-transaction fees, regularly incorporates customer feedback into product updates, and uses local routes in over 65 countries. On top of having an easy to use product and powerful APIs, Payment Rails extends your team by providing expert advice and guidance on payouts.